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Week 6: The Treasure

What a fun and thrilling way to put the mystery into a mystery quilt as told by RoseIzzy. I hope everyone has enjoyed the story as much as the sewing!

"The quilters finally unveil the long-awaited treasure. The chest overflows with a bountiful collection of red and white quilts adorned with a variety of stunning fabrics! With excitement in their eyes, they display the treasure among themselves, eager to incorporate these newfound gems into their collection. As the final stitches are sewn, they take a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey they embarked upon, the friendships forged, and the memories that will forever be woven into their red and white quilts. A retreat filled with mystery, creativity, and camaraderie comes to a close, leaving behind a trail of beautifully crafted quilts and hearts brimming with joy."

Much enjoyment to all! Until next time... Join RoseIzzy in her next adventure traveling Italy!

Finishing Guidance

Using a red binding will frame the top. Using a white binding will provide an infinity edge. Either choice would be nice and give focus to the stars in the quilt just as if you were gazing into a night sky. Use 2 1/2" binding strips for your binding.

Quilting options: I like to use an all cotton batting or an 80 / 20 batting depending on your preferred level of weight and warmth.

General guidance:

  1. Measure your top and add 6 inches on each side and to the top and bottom. Use this measurement to calculate how much backing fabric you will need.

  2. Place together backing fabric as needed.

  3. Lay backing with the wrong side up, then layer your batting, then layer your quilt top right side up (wrong side toward the batting) to prepare your "quilt sandwich".

  4. Baste and quilt as desired.

  5. Square your quilt and trim off excess backing fabric and batting.

  6. Bind as desired with the 2 1/2" binding strips.

  7. Add a label to the back with the name of your quilt, your name, quilted by: and date.

  8. Your quilt is now complete!

Options Using This Pattern

Red and White Option B
Option B uses the same two block, friendship star block and the nine-patch block. The difference is rotating the four patch placing the red block in the outer corner instead of the white. This creates a chain effect instead of a broken circle.

Red White and Blue Option A - Perfect for the 4th of July! Would look great with a red or a blue binding!

Red, White and Blue Option B

The difference is rotating the four patch with the red in the outside facing corner instead of the white.

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