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Red Sky by Night: A Quilter's Mystery Adventure in the Stars

The Introduction:

Are you ready to embark on a quilting adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat? The Red and White Mystery Quilt sew-a-long is here, and it's concealed in mystique and brilliance. Delve into the mystery of red and white as you piece together the clues and discover the final design of this stunning quilt. Will it be a classic design with a twist or something entirely unexpected? Only time will tell. Join RoseIzzy on this journey of intrigue and creativity, as she unravels the secrets in Red Sky.

It's almost time! Starting on May 4th the first of six clues will be released. Two primary blocks with just two colors will create a design that is as stunning as the brilliance of a red sky by night.

The mystery quilt sew-a-long is a fun and creative way for quilters to challenge themselves and step outside their comfort zones. By working on a quilt that's shrouded in mystery, quilters get to flex their problem-solving skills and tap into their creativity in new ways.

Additionally, the mystery story of the quilt adds an element of excitement and intrigue to the process. Quilters get to piece together clues and discover the final design, which can be both satisfying and thrilling.

Overall, the mystery quilt sew-a-long provides a unique and exciting way for quilters to come together and create something beautiful. It's a chance to learn new techniques, use your stash fabric or buy new fabric, connect with other quilters, and challenge oneself in a fun and creative way.


The Mystery

Introducing the Red Sky by Night Mystery Quilt! This six-week journey will take you on a mysterious adventure through the world of red and white quilting. Inspired by the old sailors' adage "Red sky by night, sailor's delight," this quilt will weave together a tale of mystery and intrigue. Each week, you'll receive a new clue that will guide you through the creation of this stunning quilt, as you unravel the secrets hidden within its design. Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just starting out, this mystery quilt is the perfect way to challenge yourself and explore the world of red and white quilting. So let's sail away on this exciting journey and create something beautiful together!

Red Sky by Night" evokes the image of a beautiful sunset, but it can also be a warning for bad weather ahead. The story revolves around a group of quilters who are staying in a cabin by a beautiful river. They're enjoying a relaxing evening of quilting and chatting while watching the sunset over the water. Suddenly, the sky turns red and the wind picks up, signaling a storm is on the way. The quilters rush to secure their belongings and the quilts they've been working on, but they realize that one quilt is missing. It's a beautiful red and white quilt that one of them had been working on for years, and they can't leave it behind. They search frantically, but the storm is getting worse and it's becoming dangerous to stay outside. Will they find the missing quilt before they have to seek shelter?

Get Ready - What to Expect

1. RSVP to receive email updates with each clue release although if you just want to follow the blog, that's fine too but you don't want to miss out on receiving the finalized pattern at the conclusion before it goes on sale. 🌼

2. Follow RoseIzzy's Facebook Group page and RoseIzzy's Instagram (#roseizzyquilts) page for sharing your beautiful work!

Week 1 -The Arrival

... As the sun sets over the river, a group of quilters arrive at their cabin for a weekend retreat. They settle in and begin to discuss their plans for the weekend. One of the quilters, Izzy, shares the old sailors' adage "Red sky by night, sailor's delight" and suggests they use red and white fabrics for their weekend project. They all agree, excited for the challenge ahead.

  • The adventure begins with the first clue, which introduces you to the story behind the quilt.

  • Participants are introduced to the story of Izzy and her quest to uncover the secrets of the red sky quilt.

  • Clue #1 is released, which includes instructions on selecting fabrics and cutting pieces to create a section of the quilt top.

Week 2 - Gathering Clues

... The quilters start working on their red and white blocks, but Izzy notices that her fabric seems to have a strange symbol woven into it. She investigates further and discovers that the symbol is linked to an old legend about a hidden treasure in the area. The quilters decide to investigate further and search for clues along the riverbank.

  • Includes instructions on piecing together the first set of blocks of the quilt top.

  • Participants are encouraged to share their progress and ask questions in the online community.

Week 3 -The Map

... The quilters follow the clues and find an old map that they believe leads to the treasure. But the map is incomplete and they're missing a crucial piece. As they work on their new red and white blocks, they realize that the missing piece of the map might be hidden within the blocks themselves.

  • The third clue takes you on a journey through uncharted waters, as you create a new set of blocks that will add a new level of complexity to your quilt.

  • Includes instructions on piecing together a more complex block of the quilt top.

  • Participants continue to share their progress and offer support to one another.

Week 4 - Piecing it Together

... The quilters examine their blocks more closely and discover that there is a unique pattern that matches part of the incomplete map. They work together to piece the map back together, but they realize they'll need to cross the river to reach the location of the treasure.

  • As the quilt starts to come together, the fourth clue takes you on a peaceful journey through a calm sea.

  • Includes instructions on piecing together multiple sections of the quilt top.

  • Participants are given a glimpse of what the final design may look like as the mystery begins to unfold.

Week 5 - The Crossing

... The quilters build a raft to cross the river and follow the map to the location of the treasure. They find a hidden cave, and as they explore it, they discover a hidden room filled with red and white quilts. One of the quilts has the final clue they need to uncover the treasure.

  • In the fifth clue, the storm hits and the quilt takes on a more dramatic tone. You'll create a setting border that will add movement and depth to your quilt, as well as guide you through the process of piecing everything together.

  • Participants are encouraged to put the finishing touches on their quilt tops and share their progress with the community.

Week 6 - The Treasure

... The quilters follow the final clue and discover the treasure: a chest filled with red and white fabrics and quilting supplies. They divide the treasure among themselves and use the fabrics to finish their red and white quilts. As they finish their projects, they reflect on the adventure they shared and the memories they made during their weekend retreat.

  • The final clue brings you safely to shore, as you complete the last steps to finish your quilt. This clue will provide guidance on how to put everything together, as well as offer tips on how to finish your quilt with flair.

  • The mystery is finally revealed as participants receive the final clue and instructions for completing their quilts and receiving the full pattern to use with other colors.

  • Participants share their completed quilts with the online community, and celebrate the mystery and creativity of the sew-a-long.


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