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Time for a Mystery Quilt Sew-a-Long?

Are you ready for a quilting adventure that will challenge your skills and creativity, and keep you guessing until the very end? If so, a mystery quilt sew-a-long is just what you need! RoseIzzy Quilt Designs and Studio is launching the 2023 mystery pattern series and you won't want to miss a single one!

Joining a mystery quilt sew-a-long is a fun and exciting way to quilt along with a group, while creating a unique and beautiful quilt. With each new set of instructions released, you'll be eager to see what the finished quilt will look like, and how your own unique fabric choices will come together. Not only will you improve your quilting skills, but you'll also connect with other quilters, share tips and ideas, and have a blast along the way. So grab your fabrics and get ready to join the mystery quilt sew-a-long fun!

It's easy to participate in the sew-a-long – just RSVP to the event and keep up with our weekly blog updates. Each week a new blog post will be filled with techniques and reveal a hint to the final pattern. You will have the choice to join RoseIzzy's Facebook Group for community sharing or post your progress to Instagram.

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