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About RoseIzzy

Welcome to RoseIzzy Quilt Designs! A new online design studio and blog. Quilting is a journey of appreciating the past and creating something fresh and new.

RoseIzzy's Motto: Quilt beautifully. Share joy. Leave a legacy.

RoseIzzy's Story


Since our inception, RoseIzzy Quilt Designs and Studio has been dedicated to spreading the joy of quilting through the exchange of ideas. We are preparing to launch an online store in the summer of 2023 with a diverse range of high-quality fabrics and patterns at affordable prices. 

The name RoseIzzy (pronounced Rose-Izzy) pays homage to Debbie's cherished pets, Rosie, her 16-year-old cat, and Izzy, her 10-year-old dog.

Debbie's passion for quilt design has roots in her upbringing, influenced by generations of skilled seamstresses and quilters. Her mother, grandmother, aunts, and 4-H leaders imparted their wisdom, laying the foundation for her practical sewing and quilting skills. Reflecting on those early lessons, Debbie admits she should have paid closer attention. Although stitch perfection was emphasized, the seam ripper often became her faithful companion. Furthermore, her imagination would wander, envisioning the endless possibilities of vibrant colors, fabrics, and daring alterations.

Despite pursuing a professional career, Debbie longed for more time to indulge in cutting fabric and designing quilts. Consequently, her projects found themselves relegated to boxes, while she persistently acquired new tools and, of course, more fabric. In some instances, she took on the responsibility of completing or restoring unfinished heirloom projects. Gradually, her closets overflowed with textiles and memories.

Now, Debbie is determined to honor her family's quilting legacy by venturing into pattern design. Uncovering the hidden treasures of unfinished projects, she aims to transform them into exquisite patterns and quilts. Follow the blog as Debbie reflects on early lessons, explores creative approaches to utilizing her stash, shares tips regarding her favorite tools, and above all, spreads the joy of quilt design and projects. She eagerly invites you to share your own stories too!

Welcome to RoseIzzy's!

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