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Week 2: Red Sky by Night - Hidden Treasure

Legendary Red and White quilt along the river
Hidden Treasure

Now it’s time to reveal the first block with clue #2, the friendship star block. This block consists of five squares and four half square triangles. I’ll be demonstrating a quick and easy way to make four half square triangles at once. You’ll love how quickly these blocks are made.

“As the second week of the Red Sky by Night Mystery Quilt begins, the quilters eagerly dive into their projects. Each quilter starts working on their red and white friendship star blocks, carefully stitching together the intricate pieces. As they focus on their sewing, Izzy notices something peculiar about her fabric.”

A quick reminder to review the fabric cutting instructions from Week 1 and ensure that all fabric pieces are ready for piecing the friendship star block.

squares and strips
mystery fabric pieces

You will need the following from your cut pieces of fabric:

18 - 5 ½” red squares and 18 – 5 ½” white squares

90 – 3 ½” white squares

These pieces will produce 18 finished friendship star blocks. Pay close attention to the layout of the half square triangles.

Sewing Instructions

Half Square Triangles: Four-at-a-Time

Half Square Triangles can be made different ways. I personally like to use the Four-at-a-Time method when I have several half square triangles to make, and I want a precise measurement when trimmed to ensure I get an accurate point in a star block.

Step 1: To make 4 Half Square Triangles at one time, you begin by taking one 5 1/2" red square and one 5 1/2" white square pieces of fabric and place them Right Sides Together (RST).

Step 2: Next sew with a scant ¼” seam around all 4 edges as shown below.

Step 3: Now’s the fun part. Take your rotary cutter and your ruler to cut a diagonal line across your square, point to point. Then rotate to cut another diagonal line across the opposite point to point, to create 4 triangle shapes. Each cut shape opens up to a Half Square Triangle. Press the seam toward the red fabric and you are ready to trim.

TIP: I like to use the June Tailor Perfect Half Square & Quarter Square Triangles Ruler. It can be purchased at your favorite quilt store or as easy as this link on Amazon: June Tailor Ruler.

Step 4: Trimming is important to make sure each block is the perfect size before sewing together. Each point of the star will look crisp and perfect! Line up the 45 degree angle with the seam joining the red and white fabric. The lines should go across point to point. Using the 3 1/2" cutting line, use your rotary cutter and trim each side. Rotate the block and trim the other two sides.

The final trim should look like this. The Half Square Triangle will measure 3 1/2".

"Curiosity piqued, Izzy takes a closer look and finds a small, mysterious symbol woven into the fabric. It's unlike anything she's seen before. Intrigued, she shares her discovery with the rest of the group. They gather around, examining the fabric and speculating about its meaning.

Intrigued by the symbol, Izzy decides to dig deeper into its origins. She recalls an old legend that has been passed down through generations about a hidden treasure buried somewhere along the riverbank. Could this symbol be connected to the legendary treasure?"

Putting the Squares Together

Now it's time to sew the Half Square Triangles to the white 3 1/2" squares. Each finished friendship star block will use four red and white 3 1/2" half square triangles and five 3 1/2" white squares.

Step 5: Lay out your squares in the format of the friendship star making sure the angles follow the image below:

Step 6: Sew the bottom three squares together into a row. Press the seams toward the outer squares. Then sew the middle three squares together into a row. Press the seams toward the inner square. Then sew the top three squares together into a row. Press the seams toward the outer square.

Next, sew each row together placing a pin in the nesting seams to avoid slippage. Press the seams in any direction or you can press the seams open.

The finished block will measure 9 1/2" square.

Step 7: Repeat steps 1 through 6 to make a total of 18 friendship star blocks and then admire them until Clue #3 is revealed!

Mystery Red and White Star Block
Friendship Star Block

"With excitement brewing among the quilters, they decide to embark on a quest to uncover more clues. They spend their afternoon exploring the riverbank, keeping a keen eye out for anything that may provide insight into the mystery. They meticulously search for hidden symbols, secret markings, and any other hints that may lead them closer to the fabled treasure. As the day passes, the quilters' excitement grows. They stumble upon old stone markers, worn-out maps, and snippets of forgotten tales. Each new discovery fuels their determination to solve the puzzle and unravel the secrets woven into the quilt.

During their evening together, the quilters gather around the cozy fireplace, sharing their findings and brainstorming ideas. The cabin buzzes with anticipation as they discuss the legends, decipher old maps, and piece together the fragmented clues they've collected.

As the weekend draws to a close, the quilters realize they are on the brink of something extraordinary and decide to return the following week. The combination of their quilting skills and their determination to solve the mystery creates a sense of unity and excitement among the group. They can't wait to see how the next clue will further unravel the tale of the Red Sky by Night Mystery Quilt.

With anticipation in their hearts, the quilters bid each other goodnight, ready to continue their search for clues and unravel the secrets hidden within the fabric. The journey has only just begun, and they can't help but wonder what revelations the next week will bring."

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