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Welcome and Meet RoseIzzy!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023


It has been my dream for many years to start a quilt design studio. I have such an affection for my pets that I decided to have them be a part of the new studio name! My 16 year old cat, Rosie and my 10 year old dog, Izzy. I converged their names and created RoseIzzy (pronounced Rose Izzy) Quilt Designs and Studio. I love to sew and design beautiful quilts, make special gifts for friends and family, be inspired from treasured heirlooms, visualize patterns with modern fabrics, and help others along the way.

The older I get I realize that time is precious. Memories are to be cherished. Feeling accomplished well, that is a different story. It's my story. My closets are overflowing with UFO's, WIP's, WISP's, PhD's, BOM's, HIPS, PIGS, FOB's, and even a WOMBAT or two! (keycode at the bottom) Whew! My professional life is technically demanding. I live in a geriatric dog and cat house, have four wonderful grandsons 4 years and younger, and my husband is semi-retired. Yes, I said it. Unashamed of pure chaos. Through this chaos I laugh, cry, wonder where time has gone, and find myself always turning to that closet. The infamous quilt closet. Where nobody dares to open the door. That is why I say 401F's and 401P's (Fabric for Retirement and Patterns for Retirement) are the best! My excuse for buying something new that I may not need.

My circle of quilting friends often suggest sharing my life stories as many are often shared at quilt retreats. Some stories are hilarious, some serious, some instructional yet all center around the therapy and joy of quilting. So, let's get to it!

The Hexie Time Saver with Machine Applique'

My mother was visiting for a short stay and I thought, we need a quick quilt project. She loved to sew and quilt! So I thought, what is cheery, fast, easy to sew, and accessible in the closet? A Moda Hexi Honeycomb kit from a few years ago came to mind. The technique uses precut 1 3/4" hexies, 1 1/8" freezer paper hexies, Roxanne Glue-Baste-It, a small iron, clear invisible thread, and my mom's company as she used to English Paper Piece by hand, of course. Well, as the story goes, my mom watched for two hours while I glue-basted, pressed, and removed the freezer paper then pressed again. She sat intrigued by the method but maintained a smile and shared her memories about piecing and stitching as she sang and danced to her favorite Elvis songs. As I arranged the hexi's, she said "oh look, they make pretty flowers!". So I named the pattern Mom's Dancing Flowers.

There is still sashing and putting the rows together so stay tuned for the final pattern layout. It was so much fun putting these flower hexes together and only took two hours to make 30 - 6 1/2" flower blocks ready for machine appliquéing.

The pattern and new fabric kits will be available on my shop page soon! The kits will be made with the lovely Liberty Tana Lawn Fabric Rainbow Hexagons shown here.

Mom's stories are fun and entertaining however, her smile and being at peace for a few hours was priceless! Time to put this quilt together for a forever cherished memory.

Pattern and Kit Available Soon!

The pattern will be sold separately in case you want to chose your own selection of fabric that may be in your quilt closet!

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Maybe some of you can relate to these fun acronyms:

UFO - unfinished object

WIP - work in progress

WISP - work in slow progress

PhD – project half done

BOM – block of the month

HIPS – hundreds of ideas piling skyward

PIGS – project in grocery sacks

FOB – fear of binding

WOMBAT – waste of money, batting, and time

401F – fabric for retirement

401P – patterns for retirement

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