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Aurifil Thread - New Spool Tip

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Have you ever struggled to find the start from a new spool of Aurifil thread? I've been using Aurifil thread for several years and decided to share this very important tip!

See the end of the thread? The bottom cap is covering the end so I would pull the single thread and hoped it was the right strand. Yes, I pulled and even cut the wrong strand and eventually ended up with two ends! That is disappointing to say the least. The quality of the thread is fantastic so you pay the price and don't want to waste any of the thread or have to stop in the middle of a project.


Here's the tip!

1. Unwrap the plastic covering from your new spool.

2. Pop the base or bottom off the spool. Lift or twist and it should directly come off without any struggle.

3. Pull the single strand of thread away from the spool.

4. Push or snap the base back on and you're ready to begin use.


Where to purchase Aurifil Thread?

Your local quilt store may be one of the best choices to shop for Aurifil thread. It's a fantastic way to match colors to your fabric. You can also watch for their sales and save a dollar! One of my favorite online quilt shops is The Fat Quarter Shop. Customer service is great!

Sometimes you run out of time working on that special project and need thread delivered quickly so Amazon is another good option. Here's a link for a bundle of three popular colors that blend with most projects. White 2024 + Dove 2600 + Light Beige 2310 - 1422yds each.

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