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Product Review - Quick Curve Ruler

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Do you enjoy quilted curves? Try the Quick Curve Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful. I love seeing curves in quilts. Curves can change traditional square and rectangle blocks into works of art! I’ve had this ruler for a few years hidden away in my closet and finally decided to pull it out and give it a try.

I chose the Curve it Up quilt pattern to make a sampler quilt so I could learn the different

techniques of the ruler. The pattern consists of twelve individual sampler blocks and uses the Quick Curve Ruler to cut the pieces. The block pieces are big so you can make several blocks in a day!

The ruler is wonderful and easy to work with; however it did take some time to get used to the markings and placement on the fabric. Suggest watching a video or two before making your first cut. The curves are large and gentle, and the sewing technique is quick and easy.

Their are a few tips on the Sew Kind of Wonderful website that are helpful. When you first receive the ruler, the brown sticky paper must be peeled off because the ruler is acrylic. Here’s the link to watch the tip on how to remove it. Peeling the paper can be a bit tricky! YouTube has additional video tips about ruler alignment and the markings. I wish I had watched the videos before making my first cut!

This is one of my favorite blocks. Super fast and easy to make! I used some coordinated peach, aqua, and snow white fabrics that I purchased as a bundle from a local quilt store several years ago. The curves were very easy to cut and even easier to sew together. The seams were easy to press and created this beautiful, finished block. Isn't it pretty?

This particular block became my travel buddy. Just packed the Quick Curve ruler, my favorite travel-size cutting and pressing board, my small travel sewing machine, rotary cutter, thread, scissors, needle and fabric in one travel bag. Traveling and sewing in a small setting is a true test to see how hard or easy piecing a block would be. This ruler and block pattern passed the test! The Quick Curve ruler provided cutting the initial squares, cutting into curves, then trimming the half-square curve blocks. Wa-la!

Here’s a look at a few other blocks in the finished quilt. Sew many design possibilities!

If you look closely, not all seams align perfectly. It's important to follow the squaring instructions, which I found confusing because I didn't watch a tutorial video first. The good news is when the blocks were joined together it created a very nice layout with a gorgeous color combination regardless of the misalignment. No one will ever know! The pattern is very forgiving.

On to the border. Wish I would have just stopped there and put a navy blue straight border.

I figured out that I didn't properly align the ruler while cutting the border pieces. I did not make consistent marking alignments. Frustrated and disappointed with the border but finally decided that an imperfect quilt will always find someone to love so decided to use it anyway as a teaching lesson.

Here’s the finished quilt draped over a stone wall. Looks very nice right?

The quilt went together quickly and was fun to try the different blocks. I’m going to choose one or two blocks and make a full quilt. The Quick Curve ruler did make cutting the curves easy. I’ll keep using the ruler and recommend that you give it a try. There is also a mini quick curve ruler and recommend using smaller curve blocks and integrate designs. Many possibilities!

Final advice – remember to watch the Sew Kind of Wonderful online tips and watch a few YouTube videos before using the ruler. It’s been a few years since the ruler came out. It’s still available and it’s a keeper! Several patterns are available on Amazon or at your local quilt store. I’ll be publishing a few of my own patterns in the next couple of months. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in any of the products just click on the product link underlined in the story and it will take you to Amazon for easy purchase and shipping. Happy Quilting!

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