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The Brilliance of the Peony

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

The Colors of the Peony Give Inspiration for a Christmas-time Quilt!

The beauty of the rose is spectacular however, the peony has a brilliance that is second to none! I tend to look for color inspiration for my quilt designs from mother nature. If you look closely toward the bottom half of the flower below, you will see a subtle hint of mulberry towards the tip of the flower petal. How gorgeous is that?

It's July and we're half way through the year. Time is flying by and my calendar to-do list says it's time to create a winter quilt pattern! I found myself leaning away from the traditional red, white, green, and yellow. The starlight blues and silver catch my eyes. The bright Dr. Seuss colors are always fun. But, I had the ah-ha moment when I looked closely at the peony in my own front yard! The dandelion yellow center adorned by a rich forest green spruce, the hint of the scrumptious mulberry all flowing in the brilliant white of an angel is just the color palette I've been searching for!

Do you ever get stuck in a rut for using the same colors, fabrics and patterns for your quilt making? Well, I have to admit I do too quite often. I look to other quilters and after several swipes on Pinterest or Instagram they all start looking the same. All beautiful and stunning but still not quite what I'm looking for. So, looking to nature in all of its brilliance is the perfect place to be inspired if you are looking for something new or something creatively different.

New Pattern Coming Soon!

Fast forward to December. It's a busy time of year so what better than to create a modern quilt with curves and blocks to resemble the beauty of the white peony! My new pattern will have the look and feel of the Christmas holidays with a pleasant hint of the upcoming spring.

It's never too early to plan for the end-of-year holidays! Follow my blog for future updates and I'll be introducing my exciting new holiday pattern, kit, and sew-a-long! You won't want to miss it! So plan to pre-order your kit and supplies soon!

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